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Tasks payout and more revenue options

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Since the wages have been adjusted up (massively), but the revenue options have not... I'm not sure where is the balance.

Lvl 8 tasks pays only 50K for every 158 energy (thats around 50K per 2.6hrs), at most 450K per day... my wages along is more than 3x that amount...

Even adding all shops' income (and deducting daily maintenance), thats not enough to cover for wages and I'm only having 4 sports...

While full 7 sports top teams are draining 6-7million of wages per day....

Should something be done about increasing revenues too?

Tasks payout definitely needs to be increase, maybe the company's own shares can pay dividends daily or something?

What's the point of throwing own shares into the market when earning is just for the first purchase, which most of the time is at a very low value.

Shops' payout should increase as well since maintenance went up so many fold...

The financial balance is not making any sense which sees so many teams quitting and going bankrupt.

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u have a good analysis and i hope from the admin to give us explanation about the financial view of the game

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Looks like nothing has changed!

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