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Post 18 Aug 2014, 16:04

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I get presents from a friend reguarly and it are always players.

I can only send him XP or money from a level up.

Is there something I can do to send him players or cards as described here?

Thank you.

Post 09 Nov 2015, 10:50

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I have a lot of presents. Maybe someone wants to make a change presents to presents?
Let me know.

Club: FC Alphaville.

Post 20 Sep 2016, 10:35

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I have lots of gifts to trade!

1 x PGold
2 x PGold
1 x Player
5 x Money
1 x 25 XP
1 x 30 XP
1 x 34 XP

I can trade em for anything! Preferbly player gift if someones has?

Post 04 Dec 2016, 14:54

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i got 3 X gold - 2 with 12 and one with 11
4 with xp ranging from 116 - 135

i am mainly interested in pm gold


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